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Chapter 37 - It had been six months of pure bliss...

#Spillthebeansonlove – Chapter 37 It had been six months of pure bliss, but throughout all of our amazing experiences and the deep connection we were creating, one thing was so obviously missing. I had yet to go to Miami! It’s not that I didn’t want to go to Miami, in fact quite the opposite, I was dying to go to Miami. I wanted to see where he lives, works and goes out. I wanted to meet his family and most of all in the dark, dreary Pennsylvania month of December, I wanted to soak up some major Florida sunshine. We had a pretty busy itinerary for the trip. In fact, it was so packed that this wasn’t the trip I would get to meet his parents, we had to save that for a later time. The plan was to stay 2 nights in Coconut Grove, then head to Bimini island via boat to vacation with another couple, then we would head back and stay in South Beach where we would ring in the new year. In true Guapo form, it was an organized and well-planned itinerary, and I was EXCITED. I packed, repacked, sent pics to my girlfriends with my outfit choices and then packed again. I was ready for Miami, I was ready for an island vacay and I was ready for NYE in South Beach! The day had finally arrived. Six months of dating, numerous visits to Philadelphia, one to NYC and one to Chicago. At last, I was entering the land of endless mangos and coconuts just as I had been wanting since the day we met. I got off the plane, stepped into the Miami heat and as if I was walking to the beat of my own music video, I began to peel the layers of winter clothes off my body matching the cadence of each of my steps. My coat, then my hoodie, my scarf and my hat. I wadded up it up and held it all under my arm, soon to go in the suitcase and not to be thought about for an entire week. I turned to face the sun, took a big inhale and anxiously waited for my dream man to pick me up. My phone dings – it’s him. ‘I see you, beautiful.’ I look up to see the biggest, sexiest, most manly pickup truck I’ve ever seen pulling up right next to me. This truck made the trucks I grew up seeing in Texas look like Tonka toys. There he was smiling from ear to ear. I can spot that perfectly imperfect smile from a mile away. He jumps out of the truck, runs around, sees all of my winter gear and starts laughing. He grabs me, pulls me in close, kisses me and says, ‘you’re not going to need that here. Give me all your stuff and jump in.’ ‘I can’t believe you’re here,’ he says. ‘Me either. (pause) Big truck.’ I smile mischievously. ‘I told you,’ he says. We smile at one another. First stop – Coconut Grove. Guapo was in the midst of moving, so we decided to treat ourselves to staying in hotels the entire trip. He chose the cutest boutique hotel in Coconut Grove because he said it reminded him of what it would be like to sail on a cruise ship and he knew I would love that. Indeed, I did. We checked in and headed up to our room. He opened the door and we entered our sunshine-filled,ocean-view room. The sparkle of the sun reflecting on the ocean was delicious eye candy. I stepped in, looked around, and saw a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a bottle of champagne and a small Tupperware container filled with some sort of delicacy with my name on it. Guapo presented me with the flowers and said that they were a welcome gift from his sister along with some homemade arroz con leche (a custard like dessert). I’ve never had a sister (one whom I’ve never met) welcome me with flowers and dessert. Is this a Cuban custom, or is his sister as nice as he is, I wondered? He popped open the chilled champagne. We cheersed to being in Miami and to having this time together. This was the trip I had waited six months to experience. I looked around the room in disbelief. What a dream come true. I walked out to the balcony, took a moment to relive my cruise ship days and faced the sun, opened up my arms and let it soak into my skin. I could feel the prickle of the warmth penetrating my skin and start to melt away the icicles of the northeast. The view was breathtaking. The ocean was majestic and powerful, yet calm and inviting, the sun was fiery and intense, yet nurturing and warm. The palm trees were gently swaying from side to side dancing to the song of the breeze without a care in the world. I pulled up a chair, kicked up my feet, and took my first bite of Guapo’s sister’s arroz con leche…wow, heaven. My senses were ignited. Beautiful sensory overload was in full affect. One more bite of arroz con leche, one more sip of champagne, feet up, sunglasses on…what a life. This moment was perfect. This moment was better than I ever imagined Miami to be. Just then Guapo walked out to the balcony holding a little box. ‘Que es esto?’ ‘What is this,’ I said. ‘Just a little something from me to welcome you to Miami.’ I wondered what was up with all the welcome gifts. I wasn’t used to being welcomed like this, but I could get used to it. I held the little box in my hands. I paused. I was nervous to open it. I’m particular. I’m not that easy to shop for. I don’t have a poker face if I don’t like something. He smiled, urging me to open it. With slight trepidation, I gingerly removed the bow and opened the box. I peeked inside and ‘Oh! Wow. I’m so relieved.’ ‘Relieved?’ He asked. ‘Yes, I’m so relieved I love it because I can’t fake it. I was so worried that I was going to have to act like I like the gift, but I don’t have to, because I LOVE it.’ Guapo had given me the most beautiful bracelet. Gold, with blue enamel and Swarovski crystals. It was delicate and dainty and fit me with precision. I couldn’t believe it. It was so beautiful, it was so ‘me.’ The next day we walked all around Coconut Grove. We took a stroll by the ocean and down the main street. He showed me some of the work projects he was completing in the area and I was loving every second. There was beauty everywhere. The lushness of the grove, the gorgeous homes, the luxury yachts, the beautiful people. Everywhere I turned all I could see was mother nature’s perfection. We decided to stop for brunch at one of Guapo’s favorite cafés. The hostess took us to a nice shady spot. I asked Guapo if we could sit in the direct sun. I hadn’t quite fully thawed out from being in Pennsylvania. He laughed and said that no one in Miami purposely sits in the direct sunlight, but that yes, we could. As we sat waiting for our brunch my eyes were having a field day people and dog watching. So many joggers and bike riders, fancy cars and beautiful boutiques. I was falling in love with the energy of the town. I started to daydream about what my daily life would be like if I lived here. Would I be on that bike? Would I be in that car heading to the marina to go on a boat ride. Just as I was getting deep into my daydream our mimosas arrived. I snapped out of it, looked at Guapo and noticed that he was dripping in sweat. ‘Are you hot,’ I asked. ‘Babe, I’m dying, he said. I know you need to thaw out, but no one sits in the direct sun here.’ We laughed and laughed and then he moved to a seat in the shade. I stayed in the sun and let it bake my back. Breakfast was delightful, Coconut Grove was adorable, the first two days were dream-like bliss. The weather in Miami was sublime, perfection, really. Hot but not too hot, low humidity and a gentle breeze. Yet like most tropical places, it can turn on a dime. As the day turned to night, the beautiful sunny day turned to a windy, rainy night. The following day we had plans to go to Bimini Island off the coast of Miami. We pre-booked our hotel rooms and were all set to go. We planned to take Guapo’s friend’s boat to the island and if the ocean cooperated it should take about 2 hours. We had four adults and 2 awesome kiddos going along for the trip. As we got closer and closer to when we were supposed to leave, we saw that the waves were getting bigger and bigger. Mother nature was exhibiting her control and her power. Guapo and his friend recommended that me, the other girl and the two kids take the ferry over to the island, as it’s a MUCH bigger boat, and the two guys would take the speed boat. As we watched the weather report and monitored the surf, we saw that it was getting more dangerous by the hour. The guys checked the speed boat to make sure all of the safety features were working properly. They made sure to have enough gasoline and all of the necessities to make the trip, but as the sky got darker and the waves got bigger, we all began to have doubts. We called the hotel – no refunds. So now we risk it or lose out on a pretty penny. We called the ferry - booked solid. Absolutely no space today, tomorrow or the next day. This trip that we planned for months, was falling apart. Do we forfeit the money? Do we forfeit the experience? Do we risk all 6 of us going on the speedboat? Or do we send the guys to maneuver through those waves for hours on end while we hope for a ferry spot to open up? Time was ticking and we had mere hours to make our final decision. I started to think that Bimini was out of reach. Goodbye hard-earned money, goodbye tropical island vacay. We tried everything. We looked into the ferry leaving from nearby towns, we monitored the surf report for the next few days in hope of taking the speedboat, we even looked into getting a helicopter…all of it out of reach. Bimini was a bust. Just as we're walking back to the car full of defeat, Guapo says, ‘I have an idea. Let me make a phone call…’

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