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Oh hey...

You found me.

Thanks for stopping by. 

A few things that make me whole: love, laughing, sunshine, solid friends and family, and of course my sweet, feisty Yorkie, Milo.  I'm your ultimate girl's girl who's rooting for you every step of the way.  Have a wild dream you're chasing? I can give you a million reasons why you should go for it and precisely zero why you should not. 

In my four decades of life, I've been a dream-chaser, goal-seeker, and type A overachiever. With smart work, determination, and consistency, I've been able to accomplish some of my largest life and career aspirations. Until about a year and a half ago, however, I was still coming up short in the love department.  

Since I believe life goals and ambitions are ever-changing and evolving, there will be more to come and this blog will mirror that growth.  

In the meantime, as you sift through this site, you'll get snippets of my accomplishments, such as stories of the three years I circumnavigated the globe as a hostess on a cruise ship or bits and pieces of lessons I've learned as a Live Television host on national TV.  

However, my blog is currently dedicated to sharing (for the first time ever) how I met my one true love. Brace yourself for a beautiful love story, based in faith, bravery, and a bit of divine intervention from my Grandmother.    

As you read my love story, I invite you to connect with this amazing community of love seekers and if you feel so inclined, share your own stories.  

Thank you for stopping by.  Thank you for seeking, sharing, and passing along the one thing we all desire and  



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