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Chapter 19 - He was right...

Chicago was a blast. He was right, this is exactly where we should be for our first date - our 4 day long first date. This was the beginning of my realizing that he’s usually right and that it’s finally OK to let someone lead.

Being Type A, fiercely independent (not necessarily by choice), single, or in relationships with people who weren’t dependable - letting someone else lead isn't easy for me. The difference here, is that he makes it easy for me. He’s organized, dependable, honest and forthcoming. These were qualities I hoped for in a man. These were qualities I was willing to wait for. I just knew in my gut that I could have it all - these stellar qualities plus attraction. I just didn’t know how long I would have to wait.

As we ate our deep dish pizza, red sauce and all, he briefly talked me through the itinerary but left a few things out so he could purposely surprise me later. I love a plan and I love a good surprise. Must be the Aries in me. I’ve always been a plan A, B and C person so a man with a plan and one that’s written out and researched, is very sexy to me.

He said, after pizza we will walk the river and have time to relax. Our next activity is scheduled for 7:30. I was so happy. Nervous, hopeful, excited, a bit baffled, but mostly just happy. I didn’t have to worry about a thing. I didn’t have to have my nose buried in my phone looking up recommendations of what to do in the city, or scrolling through Google Maps trying to find my way around. All I had to do was remain present. This was new for me and it felt like…home.

I used to work on a cruise ship. Three years in a row I sailed for about 100 days of the year and our ship would go to ports all over the world. Because of this fortuitous opportunity I’ve been able to travel to the ends of the Earth. I’ve never counted how many countries I’ve been to, but I can easily say that I’ve been to more countries around the world than U.S. states. As we walked the river in Chicago and I was awestruck by it’s uniqueness and beauty. I began to wonder why I haven't explored more of my home country. I honestly had no idea that there was a city this beautiful, interesting, cosmopolitan and architecturally invigorating right smack dab in the middle of the country. Why didn’t I realize this? Why hadn’t I given the U.S. a chance? It took my Cuban boyfriend (wait, he’s not officially my boyfriend, that was just a fun thought to pass through my mind) to show me my own country.

As we walked hand and hand, we spotted a cute place to sit down and have a drink. We basked in the sunshine, enjoyed the cold, refreshing cocktail, and smiled at each other with our eyes and lips. Connecting in person while the beautiful boats sailed down the river in the background was not something I was taking for granted.

‘I love boats,’ I said. ‘I know, he said.’ ‘That’s why at 7:30 we are jumping on a boat to head down the river and learn about the architecture of these famous buildings.’

Oh my gosh. This whole time I thought we wasn’t hearing me out. I thought he was negating the fact that I love boats, I love ships, I love the water, I love being anywhere with sun, sand and water (salt or fresh, I’m not picky). Yet this whole time, he was listening intently without divulging his plan. Somehow, someway, he found a way to incorporate something he knew I absolutely loved right in the middle of the country, where I would least expect it. Perhaps going to the Bahamas was too literal or obvious. After all, jumping on a boat there would definitely not be a surprise, but in the midwest - I was floored.

I look him up and down - who is this perfect guy with the imperfect smile? I wonder, and want to know more.

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