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Chapter 27 - We were fully immersed in a REM cycle...

It’s the middle of the night and Milo, my yorkie, and I are sound asleep. He is the best little spoon of anyone around. He’s warm, he’s generally quiet, he’s tiny, and once he puts himself to bed at 10:35pm, that’s it. We were fully immersed in a REM cycle when out of nowhere we were startled right out of bed. We did the kind of jump that lifts you horizontally straight out of your sleeping position as if you’re levitating but at spaceship take-off speed. I thought for sure someone was knocking at my door or even worse, trying to get in. Milo may be little, but dang he has a big bark and a keen sense of hearing. We ran out to the living room, looked through the peephole, checked the cameras - nothing. Did I dream this? Did I jump during a dream and scare Milo, which backfired and then scared me? Was this a chain reaction of fear?

In a foggy daze, we wander back to bed. 8am rolls around, I take a look at my ‘Good morning Linda’ text, smile, and get up for the day. I walk out to the kitchen, start brewing coffee, and then head to the living room for my morning meditation. Still only half awake I catch something odd out of the corner of my eye and I literally jump back. To my complete horror, I see that my chandelier has fallen out of the ceiling and is hanging over my dining room table by literally ONE wire. A million and one thoughts race through my mind and all of a sudden it clicks. The chandelier falling out of the ceiling was the noise that woke us up last night. I have so many questions, but there isn’t any time for that. I must act and I must act swiftly.

I quickly assess the situation and decide that I am too scared to touch the lone wire holding the chandelier so instead I grab a stool and a bunch of books and put them on the table until they stack high enough for the chandelier to rest on them, giving the wire a chance to relax. And then, I FaceTime Guapo.

‘Good moooooooorning,’ he says. He loves to draw out his words. I have the camera facing the chandelier instead of my face. ‘Whooooooooooa, what is that,’ he asks?

I think to myself, honestly yeah - what is that? I explain to him what happened and he tells me to show him the piece that is supposed to hold the chandelier to the ceiling. He takes one look at it and tells me exactly what mistake the electrician made. I tell him, OK - I’ll call someone to get it fixed, and thank you for diagnosing the issue. He then teaches me how to turn off the electricity for the chandelier and tells me to call him back if there are any issues. Like what, I’m thinking? Could something worse happen from this situation? I don’t even want to know.

For the longest time, I thought I didn’t need a man living in my house and that I could take care of everything, but at this very moment, I realized that I was grouping all men together. True, I didn’t need most men in my house, but this one…this was different. This man is a MacGyver of sorts. Not only is he handsome (that’s been established), he has a great sense of humor, he’s smart and hard-working, and he can do EVERYTHING! I always wonder how some people just know how to do everything. I do not.

Milo and I go about our day when I get a notice that I have a package delivery. I order way too much online, so I’m assuming it’s something I ordered and forgot about. I pick it up and I try to scan through the recent orders in my head. Usually, I’m ordering clothes, jewelry, shoes, makeup, you know, girlie things…but this box was big and heavy and from a company, I wasn't familiar with.

I run upstairs, grab my box cutter, and dive in. Inside are all kinds of faucets. One by one I start to pull out pretty, shiny faucets, pipes, things that look like they attach pipes to faucets, I’m not really sure. What is this? I do a little more digging and I realize what’s going on. When Guapo was visiting he measured my kitchen and bathroom and this was my faucet upgrade delivery! Wow, they are so shiny, pretty, and modern. Hmmm, I didn’t realize mine looked so dated, but now that you mention it….

I FaceTime him again, with the camera facing the faucets. He laughs. I can’t believe him. He tells me that my place is beautiful, but that I deserve some upgrades. Then what he tells me next is exactly what I am waiting to hear.

‘Hang on to them. I’ll head up there in a couple weeks and install them for you…and re-hang your chandelier…the right way.’

My heart beat intensifies. I am so excited. He’s coming back!

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