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Summer Fun / Summer Reads...

It’s summer! Well technically the Summer Solstice is 8 days away, but who's counting. It’s officially my favorite season and it makes me excited just knowing it’s here. I’ve always loved warm (even too warm) of weather, but is it the soul energizing feeling I get from the sun, or is summer my favorite season because of the memories I have of it as a child?

It is interesting that when I think about my childhood, my most fond memories are of the extra hot Texas summer days when Mom and I would go to the pool for hours. She would read and I would jump off the diving board 50+ times, swim through hula hoops, collect rings at the bottom of the pool and when the lifeguard would blow their whistle for a 10 min adult swim, my disappointment of having to get out of the pool was only met by my joy of getting to sit on the side of the pool and eat a super drippy ice cream cone. The smell of sunscreen still brings me excitement equally matched with serenity and the sounds of splashing water soothe my soul. Summers for me as a kid were the best!

Although summer doesn’t necessarily have the same meaning as an adult (no school!!), I still find that in these warmer months I allow myself small breaks, a summer vacation mindset if you will. Perhaps it’s because it stays light out so late and the days feel longer that I give myself permission to set work aside and enjoy a couple hours a week of quiet me-time in the sunshine.

Sometimes during this quiet time, I’ll choose to write, like I am now. (teaser – I have started a new blog series that I’ll post when the time is right). Other times, I’ll meditate, maybe do some light yoga. But one of the things I consider to be an ultimate luxury for me is when I have time to sit outside with a glass of sparkling lemonade (I use organic lemonade from Trader Joes and water it down with a few splashes of sparkling water, then I throw in a mint or basil leaf) and read a good book.

My favorite books are those that are in the self-exploration genre, or books that share someone’s journey to success. I can't get enough of books that are teaching me or expanding my knowledge or widening my perspective. I tend to gravitate towards these types more so than let’s say a murder mystery or something of that nature.

With that being said, I thought I’d pass along two summer reads to YOU in the hopes that this summer you honor yourself with a little YOU time. I chose one super easy, sit by the pool read that doesn't take a lot of focus. Then I chose a personal growth book/workbook that you can commit to throughout the entire summer. This one has the potential to hugely impact you in a positive manner depending on your commitment.

Book One – Pretty Good Advice for people who Dream Big and Work Harder by Leslie Blodgett. This book was given to me by my friend Jessica Foust. (Isn’t it so nice to receive a book from a friend who says, this is soooo you) It’s a really quick, easy and entertaining read. You could even read this book while kids are jumping off the diving boards and splashing all around you 😊 Easy Vacay Vibes book with a lighthearted tone.

The Next one is going to ask you to dig deep in the most lovely way.

Book Two - Radical Radiance - NEWSFLASH - BOOK LAUNCH 6/14!! This book

is so new and so hot off the presses you would be one of the first to get it. Radical Radiance, A magical 12-week self-love program that helps readers to radiate inner and outer glow to manifest beauty, abundance and joy, from the founder and CEO of Savor Beauty + Spa. You've seen me use Savor Beauty products on my Instagram. Besides the fact that I love their results and I love their clean formulas, I really enjoy the clean, pure, healthy message behind the brand as well. Enjoy this 12 week program that you can complete by the end of summer!

Pick up one or both of these books today (they are all linked). Grab your lemonade and enjoy some you-time this summer.

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