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Final Show Countdown #10 - The First Show


Going on national television without a time delay or teleprompter for the very first time is next-level

scary. After a while, it feels like home. However, day one is absolutely terrifying

Here are some fun facts about my first on-air appearance.

- I presented two products during Alberti's overnight show

- The first product I presented was the Frost Guard with Scott Hynd

- I called it chic 3 times in 8 minutes (It’s quite convenient, but it’s definitely not chic)

- The second product I presented was a big bag with Jane DeNoble

- I still own and use both products

- Scott signed the Frost Guard and wrote a congratulatory message on it and gave it to me

- I still have it and won’t be using it in Florida

- Alberti was the first person to introduce me on-air. Typically in years past Mary Beth did the intros

- I ran into Sandra in the host lounge before the show. She could tell I was nervous and gave me a woman to woman pep talk

- Alberti asked me what my favorite kind of music was while we were live on-air in a Bose presentation. I got so nervous, I responded with ‘anything that has a good beat.’

- My next-door neighbors at the time recorded the show and when I got home in the wee hours of the morning they ran over to congratulate me and quoted me ‘anything with a good beat.’ We still laugh about that today

- I thought long and hard about my first on-air outfit. A Leif black dress, skinny belt, studded high heels, and a gili jacket

- The team is so supportive on your first day. I had Karalee as my makeup artist, Toi as my stylist, Dan as my LP, and a host and guest community cheering me on

- I stayed in those overnight hours for 11 months...

More memories to come as we countdown my final 10 shows...thanks for coming along for the ride.

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Dec 31, 2021

i am going to miss seeing you on qvc!!! you have such a kind soul and these posts are an amazing way to remember what great things you did there! thank you for sharing these memories with us and hoping for more success and blessings coming your way in 2022!


Caren Osrin Gittleman
Caren Osrin Gittleman
Dec 16, 2021

OMG there you are with TWO of my favorite people!! How blessed you were (and are) to have them as friends. They are both class acts, just like YOU are!! This was such a fun read...I could NEVER do what all of the hosts do....I freeze in front of a camera! Loved that you called that product "chic", hilarious!!!!


Susan Block
Susan Block
Dec 16, 2021

Thank you for sharing, dear Elise! I remember watching and thinking how smart QVC was to hire you. You had our hearts from day one and forever! 🌟💜🌟


Dec 15, 2021

You didn't mention the dance you had with Alberti to the music with a good beat. That was the best part!!


ginger i
ginger i
Dec 15, 2021

I concur with the others - making me miss you more...What is your schedule for the remaining shows so we can share with you. 😂🐕💗

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