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Final Show Countdown #9 - The Trips and The Remotes

MEMORY COUNTDOWN 9 – The Remotes (Filming on Location) and out-of-town visits.

Back in the day, it was customary that new hosts got to go somewhere fun to learn about one of our big brands. While that tradition was still practiced, I was fortunate enough to go on an educational trip to Vermont with a few other hosts. This was the first of many remotes I was lucky enough to host and trips I got to take. Here are just some of the memories…

- Vermont, Keurig Factory with Mary Beth, Mary, Sharon, and Katie. This was my first time in Vermont, and we got there just before the peak of the Fall leaves changing color. It was gorgeous and the four of us had way too much together. This is the trip that taught me that Mary Beth is hilarious. We laughed so much on this trip.

- LA – I got to work in Los Angeles several times and each time was so special. Prior to moving to PA, I lived and worked in LA for many years so going back was always a treat.

We filmed on Hollywood Blvd, rooftops on Sunset Blvd, Rodeo Drive and everywhere in between…you name it. Chaz Dean’s studio, McKenzie Westmore’s house, Dr. Lancer’s office…it was amazing

- NYC - my favorite city in the world. We filmed here several times as well. This was downright mind-blowing for me because I always dreamt of being an NYC TV host. So even if it were just for a couple of days during NYFW, it was a dream realized.

- In addition to filming, I was also able to attend several incredible events: the CEW Awards. This was exciting and inspiring. I was able to meet female entrepreneurs and executives in the cosmetic industry. This is such an amazing organization that promotes women leaders. Another inspiring organization is Create and Cultivate. Representing QVC at their NYC event and meeting all of the creatives was phenomenal. Getting a makeover in Laura Geller’s NYC makeup studio – dreamy. And attending Dennis Basso’s NYFW show twice was outrageously chic.

- I co-hosted ITKWM from Villanova University (fun fact – Guapo was at that remote with me and made an appearance on QVC2…swear) We had just started dating and I asked the producer if my ‘friend who was in town,’ could come. :) About a year later that producer asked me what happened with 'my friend?' lol

- Lastly – I was able to go to Sharon Springs to meet all of the baby goats at The Beekman Farm. This trip was beyond fun. We played with goats for three days straight. One chewed my microphone right off my shirt, but we were able to salvage it.

The trips were amazing. Remote hosting is always a welcomed challenge and a nice change of pace. However, traveling with your crew – THE BEST! I feel so fortunate to have had the chance to travel with work. These trips are definitely part of my top 12 memories. 8 more to go…

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