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Final Show Countdown #11 - The First Day

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Here goes: THE FIRST DAY

I moved to PA and didn’t know a soul. I had about a week to settle in from my move before my first day at work. Here are some fun facts about Day 1.

- I knew that Katie and I were hired together but I didn’t know that Mary D was also going to be in our host training until I walked into the host lounge and she was waiting to greet us with gifts in hand (that’s so Mary)

- Having Mary in my training group was one of the best surprises I’ve ever gotten in life

- The 3 of us became fast friends

- Mary Beth was with us each step of the way from Day 1 until the end of our 6 months of training

- All three of us wore dresses on our first day – dress to impress

- The second I met Mary, she handed me a beauty gift – have you heard me tell this story on-air?

- She gave me Philosophy Shower Gel and Sweet Vanilla Fig Body Soufflé

- Sweet Vanilla Fig is still my favorite Philosophy scent simply because of the memory it invokes

- To this day Mary is still one of the most generous people I know

- I was super worried about my hair on Day 1 because I didn’t know how to fix it in east coast humidity…live and learn

- I was starstruck when I saw some of the hosts walk through the atrium on my first day

- I couldn't believe my headshot was going to be on the wall behind the picture of the 3 of us...eventually it happened!

Stay tuned...10 more memories to go until I say farewell.

~ Elise

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Caren Osrin Gittleman
Caren Osrin Gittleman

love the memory of Mary!! This post so made me smile!!



I miss Katie. She was always so sweet and knowledgeable. You can tell you were all trained by someone like Mary Beth, because you explain products well are articulate and very relaxed.

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