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Final Show Countdown #11 - The First Day

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Here goes: THE FIRST DAY

I moved to PA and didn’t know a soul. I had about a week to settle in from my move before my first day at work. Here are some fun facts about Day 1.

- I knew that Katie and I were hired together but I didn’t know that Mary D was also going to be in our host training until I walked into the host lounge and she was waiting to greet us with gifts in hand (that’s so Mary)

- Having Mary in my training group was one of the best surprises I’ve ever gotten in life

- The 3 of us became fast friends

- Mary Beth was with us each step of the way from Day 1 until the end of our 6 months of training

- All three of us wore dresses on our first day – dress to impress

- The second I met Mary, she handed me a beauty gift – have you heard me tell this story on-air?

- She gave me Philosophy Shower Gel and Sweet Vanilla Fig Body Soufflé

- Sweet Vanilla Fig is still my favorite Philosophy scent simply because of the memory it invokes

- To this day Mary is still one of the most generous people I know

- I was super worried about my hair on Day 1 because I didn’t know how to fix it in east coast humidity…live and learn

- I was starstruck when I saw some of the hosts walk through the atrium on my first day

- I couldn't believe my headshot was going to be on the wall behind the picture of the 3 of us...eventually it happened!

Stay tuned...10 more memories to go until I say farewell.

~ Elise

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