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Final Show Countdown #8 - Beauty iQ

What a dream it was to host on Beauty iQ for 2.5 years. Here are some fun facts...

- I found out that I was moving out of overnights and on to a 'special channel called Beauty iQ,' one chilly but sunny day in Philadelphia while running the 'Rocky Steps' with my friend who was in town visiting from LA.

- I was literally on the steps in mid-jog

just like Rocky and my phone rang. Two bosses were on the phone to give me the news. They told me that I was going to be on the channel with one other host. They asked me to guess who my co-host would be...I had no idea. When they said Alberti - I literally screamed. What a dream!

- BIQ had an amazing launch party in NYC before the first show - still one of my favorite days of work ever (first pic)

- I was the only QVC host to be on the channel from the very first day until the very last day

- I learned how to do my makeup live on TV with you watching (I loved this authenticity)

- I am not a makeup artist, I learned from our guests over the 2.5 years

- Learning this skill was key to my success once Covid hit and we no longer had a salon in the studio. I'm grateful every day that I learned how to do hair/makeup

- I launched scores of beauty brands on BIQ (I lost count of how many but well over 50) This allowed me to meet and work with inspiring entrepreneurs often, and that was one of my favorite parts of the experience

- We had a static crew (didn't change) so we became like family. We spent most holidays together and got to the point where we could finish each other's sentences

- Courtney and I were already friends, but this is where we solidified our 'beauty bestie' status. Our favorite shows were our co-hosted shows where we built our faces together

- While on BIQ Court an I started the first podcast at QVC - 'Basic Beauty'

- When the channel started we are on Wed-Sun nights 8pm-12mid

- After about 5 months or so the schedule changed to Mon-Fri 8pm-12mid and that's where it stayed until its final day

- We had incredibly loyal viewers and I enjoyed chatting with them every night on our live FB feed. Many of whom I'm still in touch with today on IG and FB (you better stay in touch... :) )

- At the time of BIQ it was unheard of for a host to go on-air without makeup. I loved it. Many people said I was so 'brave' to do that. I didn't look it that way. Why is it brave to show my actual face, I wondered? This is what I look like...

- We tried so many different styles of hosting on BIQ. This was a playground for us to innovate and get creative and I felt honored to be a part of that

- I totally fell in love with the beauty industry and the people in it because of this experience

- We got to have really incredible influencers join us on the Live Show. I'm so inspired by their business savvy

- During my BIQ years I was fortunate enough to have amazing hair and make-up artists work on me. I had my hair and MU done by some of the best in the world. Some days, I felt so beautiful, some days I felt 'not so me,' but all days were fun/different, action-packed, and exciting.

- I was featured in an article in WWD magazine and then while at the CEW awards in NYC I saw the article. I still can't believe that's me

- I made some of my best friends in my entire life while on BIQ - guests, crew other hosts...

- I found out that BIQ was going off the air while on vacation in Costa Rica. I think technically speaking I missed the phone call because I was in the ocean

- I actually asked if I should come back or just stay in Costa Rica - LOL

- I left on vacay a BIQ host, I came back a QVC host

- I used to stand on a box behind our 'beauty bar' because it was so high. In TV a box you stand on is called an 'Apple Box.' I affectionally had 'Elise's Apple Box' on set every day

- I wasn't sad when we got cancelled.(I get asked this all the time) Things in life have cycles and run their course. I was grateful for the experience and the friendships. I learned so much, but was ready to see what else was out there

- BIQ as a channel was masterfully created by a woman named Beverly. To this day she's one of the most creative and 'ahead of the curve' women I know

- My biggest honor of working at Q was being the face of BIQ - pretty sure it was my greatest contribution to the company as well

More memories to come as I count down my final days.

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3 comentários

Susan Block
Susan Block
21 de dez. de 2021

Dear Elise, thank you for sharing all of these precious and priceless forever memories at QVC. I have a grateful heart for your friendship and all you gifted us with during your phenomenal journey as a stellar host. Beauty IQ was ahead of it's time and consisted of a special recipe of the most talented hosts, guests, mentors, and all those behind the scenes, and those special friendships in the chat! What heartfelt forever memories and gratitude I have for being a recipient of watching every single episode, and all I learned. Thank you. I adore you, respect you, and root you on. Looking forward to your next memories. 🌟💜🌟


ginger i
ginger i
21 de dez. de 2021

what is your schedule for your remaining shows - it is not longer posted on the Q... sure going to miss your kindness and sincere smile.🤣

21 de dez. de 2021
Respondendo a

Hey there - I'm not 100% sure because there have been a lot of changes. I'll post it on social once I know for sure. :)

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