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Final Show Countdown #12 - The Audition(s)

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Come on a trip down memory lane as I share some of my favorite work experiences over the past 6.5 years. I have 12 shows remaining, so I'll be posting 12 memories total. Here's number 12.

Here goes: NUMBER 12 – THE AUDITION(S)

The story is just quite frankly too long to write. In fact, I wrote out the entire story when I first got the job 6.5 years ago and if you scroll forever you can probably find it on my work Facebook page. It’s a 2 part series.

Instead of the whole story let’s do some fun facts:

- I auditioned twice for QVC over a matter of 3 years

- First I had to send in an at home tape (it’s so funny aka amateur and I shot it in ONE take!) Photo 1 is from that audition. I presented sculptures and a Keurig coffee machine.

- My first audition was in 2013 and I didn’t get the job. The hosts hired that round were Stacey and Alberti

- My second go at it was in 2015 and I got the job! I was hired with Katie and Mary D.

- Fun Fact – Mary Nelson and I became friends at the 2013 auditions and then she was the hired after me in the next group of hosts

- When I didn't get QVC in 2013 I sent an unsolicited tape to HSN and got an audition in 2014 (2nd and 3rd pics)

- I didn't get the job at HSN

- I auditioned to be a guest for numerous brands on QVC - I didn't get any of them

- During one of my auditions to be a guest (it was via skype), my feed dropped and I thought my life was over. :)

- QVC flew me out to West Chester to screen test for one day in 2013 and for 2 days in 2015

- I told QVC in my second round of auditions that I applied at HSN

- I made a vision board dedicated to getting the QVC job - it just took 3 years to manifest

- Everything on that board came true!

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